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Online dermatology consultation — Consult trusted dermatologists for any skin and hair problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s causing a sudden rise in hairfall?

It’s normal to shed 50-100 strands of hair everyday. Stress, a disturbed lifestyle, and improper intake of nutrients can cause hair fall. For women, even irregular periods and hairstyling can lead to hair loss. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, including patchiness, clumps of hair falling out or bald spots, you should see a dermatologist.

2. Can skin rash lead to fungal infection?

Often skin rashes appear due to allergies, hot and humid weather, sun exposure, flea bites, etc. A normal rash looks like a scaly bump, itchy and can feel irritated. It can be easily taken care of at home with skin rash creams readily available at the pharmacy. But if it’s turning circular, red, flat sore then you might be facing a fungal infection and it’s better to consult a doctor for a personalized diagnosis.

3. How to reduce acne problems at home:

Pimples, spots, cysts are common in people and can be easily taken care of with simple lifestyle changes such as regularly washing the face and eating a healthy diet. Although, since every skin is different, it’s better to consult a doctor and get a personalized skin-care regimen.

4. Why is my blister paining?

Excessive friction, heat, or burning causes a pocket of fluid in the upper layer of the skin and they usually heal within a week. Infected blisters caused by bacterial or fungal infections are painful and can be dangerous if left untreated. It’s always better to report to a doctor.

5. Is diaper rash something to worry about?

Diaper rash is a common form of inflamed skin that appears as a patchwork of red skin on the baby’s bottom. It’s annoying for babies as it may get otherwise irritating and itchy. It can clear up with home remedies like air-drying and more frequent diaper changes. But if the skin doesn’t improve within a couple of days then it’s best to consult a doctor.

About TATA Health

Tata Health seeks to make primary healthcare available to all by bridging the gap between patients and medical services. Our aim is to digitize certain aspects of healthcare in order to enhance ease of access, decrease the cost and eradicate time and distance barriers.

We provide services that enable people to take their health into their own hands- whether it’s forgetting an accurate diagnosis within minutes, consulting a doctor, booking lab tests, keeping adigital record of their medical history, tracking their habits or ordering medicines.

We are bringing in the era of holistic healthcare through the following services:

InstaDoc: InstaDoc is a convenient way of getting a medical consultation on the go! Users can chat/call doctors through the Tata Health app anytime, anywhere and for any health issue. Specialty chats with dermatologists for any skin and hair related conditions can also be done via InstaDoc.

Consult: We offer consultations with Tata Health verified doctors at our clinics situated in a number of convenient locations.

Lab tests: We allow users to book lab tests and health packages through the Tata Health app.

Medicine Delivery: We facilitate ordering and home delivery of medicines through the Tata Health app.

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