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Frequently Asked Questions
Whenever you notice any abnormal signs and symptoms on skin, hair or scalp, consider it important to consult a dermatologist immediately. You can quickly get to talk to top dermatologists on Tata Health. Your online dermatologist consultation will ensure you get the right advice for your problem and the right treatment plan accordingly.
A dermatologist is specialized mainly in treating hair, skin, nails and scalp conditions. They are experts who can treat a number of problems associated with these body parts and provide effective treatment plans. Problems like vitiligo, scabies, hair loss, eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc, can be identified by dermatologists and treated.
A dermatologist may help you with many services like the following; hair restoration, laser surgery, biopsies, chemical peeling, injectable fillers and many more. Tata Health Dermatologists however would be able to help with online advice for any skin or hair issue.
Ignoring skin and hair problems might have long term effects. It is also difficult to treat a problem if it worsens. Dermatologists are experts in the field of subjects related to skin and hair. They can identify any skin or hair disorder and provide the right treatment plan for it. Therefore, it is important to consult a dermatologist on time.
If you have itchy skin, then you must consult a skin specialist, i.e. a dermatologist. The cause for itchy skin can be a host of reasons, starting from food allergies to weather changes. Dermatologists specialise in identifying skin issues and providing effective treatments for them. Get instant online dermatologist consultation now on Tata Health.
Any kind of skin or hair condition which requires medical intervention is something a dermatologist would be able to help with. Whereas, cosmetologists are trained dermatologists in the field of cosmetology.
Yes, dermatologists can identify and provide effective skin treatment plans for kids as well. A dermatologist specializes in treating many conditions and diseases associated with children’s skin.